10 Celebrities Who Have Gotten Themselves Into Legal Trouble

#1 Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus had expressed her hatred for the paparazzi many different times throughout her career, especially on Twitter. She even said she was considering moving back to Nashville because she couldn’t stand them anymore. March 10, 2011, Miley hit her breaking point after leaving the gym. Miley had just finished a great workout when a photographer got in her face with a camera in an attempt to obtain some video footage. Miley became so angry with the photographer that she hit him and pushed the camera away.

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Miley was not arrested and did not get in any kind of legal trouble for the blow to the photographer. Miley has also screamed at the paparazzi on various occasions, once after a photographer bumped into her mom and another time when asked if she was leaving a doctor’s office with a paper bag because she was pregnant.