10 Celebs Who Need Better Financial Management

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson was once of the most wealthy and prettiest actresses and models in Hollywood. She got her start on Baywatch and also modeled for Playboy Magazine back in the day. Today, however, sources say she is looking to go bankrupt after making plans to do elaborate renovations on her home. She now has 5 contractors who are trying to sue her for nearly $600,000 worth of work that they claim was not paid for and she owes over $300,000 for federal taxes, as well as taxes for the state of California.

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Pamela Anderson, however, states that she is not broke and is upset that the contractors went to the press in an effort to make her look broke, distrustful and especially upset since she was out of the country at the time the allegations were made and claims that all bills be paid in full if they are considered to be fair.