10 Famous People Who May Need Psychiatric Treatment

#1 Fran Drescher

Fran Drescher is more commonly known as Fran the Nanny and got extremely famous with that almost annoyingly nasaly voice of hers, but one thing you may not know about the wholesome TV star is that she insists she was abducted by aliens when she was younger. She also claims that her ex, Peter Jacobson, was also abducted by aliens. Fran has said that their experiences are both so similar and that they were abducted while driving down the road at night when driving with their dads. Fran doesn’t just stop there, however.

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She has stated that they both have the same scar in the same place on their hands. She believes this is because that is where the aliens implanted a chip when she and Peter were both young so that they were programmed to meet. Peter Jacobson said that Fran got the scar from a drill bit or a burn caused by hot coffee, but that she was not abducted by aliens, a statement Fran counters by saying the aliens programmed them to think that way. Alien abduction is a common narrative in the United States, and many psychiatrists believe that people more prone to fantasy, hypnosis, false memory syndrome, sleep paralysis, and psychopathology are likely to make abduction claims.