10 Women Who Will Show You What Money Can Buy

I was sitting at my desk the other day paying the bills, and fantasizing about winning the lottery. That led me off on a tangent, and I started thinking about how women like me spend their money. Well, women like me who have millions of dollars sitting in the bank. I found some rather surprising finds.

Jocelyn Wildenstein


Jocelyn Wildenstein
With a net worth of $500 million, Jocelyn has spent a great deal of money on plastic surgery. You may recognize her as the “cat woman,” the woman who has allegedly spent close to $4 million on plastic surgery that would make her look like a big cat. She began having surgery in her thirties, because she thought her husband would like the end result.They were divorced in 1989, so I’m guessing the surgery didn’t excite him nearly as much as it did her. Despite negative press and even some downright hurtful comments about her appearance, Jocelyn has stated that she loves how she looks, and that she “feels beautiful.”