20 Bogus Cases on Judge Judy

Yes, Judge Judy has been around FOR EVER. And yes, it’s a guilty pleasure that none of us want to admit that we love to indulge in. But how long can her show last with bogus cases like these recent doozies?

The Cat Killer

Apparently Kate’s cat died, but what happened and who was responsible? Well, that’s exactly what you’re about to find out.  We are sure that when this show was on air, it seemed too absurd to be true, and it most definitely makes it into our list of “20 stupidest Judge Judy Cases.” In short summary, a young man named Jonathan Coward was over at the house of a girl named Kate. Now, Coward was completely wasted, to the extent that he smashed two of her TV’s. Sadly enough, one of the TV’s fell on Kate’s cat Trips, and killed it straight away. You can probably guess that Coward lost the case, since he destroyed two TV’s and killed a cat. He had to compensate Kate with $1250, but according to her no money in the world will bring her cat back. The show ended with Coward saying, “I feel like my whole life is ridiculous, really.” To be honest with you Coward… we think so too.

The Cat Killer

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