23 Women Who Seriously Need Rehab!

They’re disorderly, drunk and hilarious- yes, these are the girls that made it into our list of “22 Women Who Seriously Need Rehab.” We tend to see them roaming the streets by night and walking hung over by day. When the night begins they’re classy and elegant, but by the end they look like a truck has hit them. But before we giggle at these 22 unfortunate photos, let us remember that all these girls have parents, who have countlessly tried to educate them to be classy and sober. So, we hope you’re sitting down and holding on tight, because we’re about to present you with the list of 22 women that seriously need some rehab!

Sleeping on the Side Walk

I find this photo to be really interesting actually. The reason I find it so interesting is because I’m betting this chick has already had her headache with her family about going to rehab. The reason I think this is because it’s quite clear that this young lady has had some experience sleeping in the street.

Why do I believe this? Well, she has a pillow with her! Yep, this isn’t her first time, that’s for sure. The funny thing is that she must have brought that pillow with her on her night out because I’m pretty sure you wont find a pillow to rest on at 3 in the morning when you’re as drunk as a skunk. It’s unheard of.

Hopefully she manages to get the necessary help before something terrible happens to her. Sleeping out in the open like that could attract some evil people!

Sleeping on the Side Walk