24 Celebrities Who Went From Skinny To Fat

24 Famous People Who Got Fat

When it comes to the universal fat people club, these 24 celebrities are card-carrying members. Sure, some people are simply born with excess weight, but others have great bodies that they trade in for hefty ones as soon as they leave their twenties. Here are 24 famous people who left their skinny days far, far, far behind.

#1 Val Kilmer

Remember that attractive, strong jawed and blue-eyed boy in Top Gun? We do. What we do not remember, however, is the triple chin redhead with hundreds of extra pounds. Kilmer’s weight has fluctuated over the years and at one point there was speculation that he had a throat tumor that kept him from exercising. As if. Kilmer himself denied the rumor, but the actor continues to stay away from the big screen. 


1986 Vs Fat Val 2012

1 - val kilmer

It is reported that he will be in an untitled Terrence Malick project coming out in 2016. We will be collecting bets to see where his weight will be then.