5 Diet Mistakes to Avoid

Struggling with the extra pounds sometimes seems like a never-ending battle, where you do not see yourself as the winner at all. The ugly truth is, we can see more and more ‘oversized’ people who desperately search for the cure that will take the fat off their bodies. But, another even bigger truth is that the market of dietary supplements has on target exactly this category of people, as weight-loss products’ manufacturers know that these people will do anything to get rid of the extra pounds.

Hence, it is no secret that today’s market of weight-loss supplements is overflowing with countless number of promising and super-efficient products that unfortunately, turn out as nothing, but empty hopes in a bottle. Final conclusion is that there is barely any weight-loss product you can fully trust and expect the most out of results from it. So, instead of wasting your time and money searching for a miraculous product, you can make the miracle by yourself. The first and most important step is to start with a lifestyle change. And when it comes to losing weight, the biggest change comes right from the plate.  A quality and healthy nutrition combined with regular workouts, makes the perfect weight-loss formula.

But, not everyone is ‘trained’ enough to know how to properly lead a healthy diet. Having lack of ‘diet basics’ knowledge, eventually leads to diet mistakes that hinder the process of pound-shedding. Let’s take a look at the 5 commonly made diet mistakes you need to avoid:

Diet Mistake No. 1 – Healthy Eating Equals Weight Loss

Yes, healthy nutrition is the key factor to cut down on fat, but it does not mean that you can eat an ‘ocean’ of it. Turning to foods like white meat, olive oil, fruits and veggies is a healthy change for sure, although the majority of them are not low-calorie substitutions. Better explained, the olive oil may have less calories than the processed mayo, but it does not mean that the olive oil does not have calories at all. The golden rule says: ‘It is all about portions’, true indeed.

 Diet Mistake No.2 – A Lot Of Exercise To Speed Up Weight Loss

Sadly but truly, many people exercise without knowing what they are actually sweating for, or they exercise for the wrong reasons. Nutritionists and renowned sports experts say that excessive workout can make it difficult to blast the fat. Medical commentaries about this particular matter say that in cases of extreme exercise while being on a diet, can shut down the metabolism.

Diet Mistake No. 3 – ‘I am not allowed to eat after 7 PM’

Not true at all. Yes, you can eat after this time limit (7 pm), but you need to make sure that what you eat is not the only meal you have had for that day. In fact, the message of this diet mistake is to learn that it is not the hour that matters, but the quality and quantity of the food you consume.

Diet Mistake No. 4 – Meal Skipping

How to expect positive results if skipping the recommended meals per day? What is the purpose of being on a diet when you skip your breakfast and lunch and go directly to dinner-meal? Nutritionists advise having three big meals and two snacks a day. Just make sure they are healthy ones.

Diet Mistake No. 5 – Eating Bad Carbs

The quantity of carbohydrates your body consumes on a daily basis is less important than their quality (kind). Eating foods that feature complex carbohydrates is definitely a good choice, because the body will need more time and effort to break them down and use them, meaning that you will have more energy to waste.  Hence, avoid simple carbohydrates. To make this task simple and easy, be guided by the glycemix index in picking out the carbohydrates you eat.