7 Celebrities Who Have Battled Mental Illness

Mental illness is no laughing matter and it can happen to anyone. In the case of celebrities when it does happen, it is well publicized and probably made worse in some cases. Here are some of the more famous cases of celebrities who have shown signs of mental illness and the story behind them.

#1 Britney Spears

Britney Spears has “suffered from a psychological disease for years,” according to sources close to the singer.

In January 2007, Britney’s aunt, with whom she had been very close, died of ovarian cancer and the following month Spears stayed in a drug rehab center in Antigua for less than a day. The night after she checked in, during a very publicized breakdown, Britney made her way to a hair salon in Los Angeles, where she proceeded to shave her head with electric clippers, when the stylist on duty refused to do it for her after realizing who she was. In the weeks following her episode with the clippers, Britney admitted herself to several other treatment centers. In October of that same year, Spears lost physical custody of her children to the children’s father, dancer, Kevin Federline. The reason for the court’s ruling was not publicly revealed, however speculation focused on Spears’ mental problems.

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In January 2008, Spears refused to hand over custody of her sons to Federline’s representatives. When the police arrived, they noted she appeared to be under the influence of an illicit substance, so she was sent to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for observation. The next day, Britney’s visitation rights were suspended at an emergency court hearing, and Federline was given sole physical and legal custody of the children. Spears was then committed to the psychiatric ward of Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center and put on a 5150 involuntary psychiatric hold. The court also placed her under temporary, and later, permanent conservatorship of her father James Spears and attorney Andrew Wallet, giving them complete control of her assets. In the years to follow, Spears has seemingly been putting her life back together and adding to her long list of hit albums and awards.