10 Vegan Foods That Look Totally Delicious on Instagram (and Absolutely Disgusting in Real Life)

Veganism is all the rage these days, and not a morning goes by without someone new bidding farewell to the milky lattes and ordering a soya version instead. No doubt they’ve been inspired by the multi-coloured images on Instragram, but sadly the reality never quite goes according to plan…


The original health food and a staple of the vegan diet. Instagrammers get creative with their concoctions, mixing in a whole host of exotic ingredients which probably aren’t even available at your local store. If they are, they probably cost the same amount as your total food bill! Whatever happened to lettuce, cucumber and tomato? So how do they do it? A supportive millionaire spouse? Or a million dollar blog business based on their inventive recipes? Stranger things have happened.