China Finally Gets it Right (Upside Down)

We’ve heard of building a mountain on an apartment building and building a highway with an apartment building in the center, but this time, China got it right.  A team of Polish designers and architects teamed up with a Chinese construction company and built the next Chinese architectural wonder – upside down. The team spent five months designing and constructing the “upside down house,” which is now serving as an attraction to locals as well as domestic and international tourists in Shanghai. The structure has proven to be quite successful, attracting hundreds of people.

For only 30 Yuan (approximately $5), people can experience what it is like to be Spider Man and walk on the ceiling.  Many who attended this nifty tourist attraction thought it was pretty cool. One visitor was intrigued by the bathroom, but worried that the water from the toilet would drip on her. Others just wanted to pose for the camera and show their friends what it’s like living upside down.

The dizzying experience of exploring a structure from a completely reversed point of view brings an interesting perspective to the world of architecture.  This attraction, which has been completely funded by the Polish company from concept to completion, opened up to the public on the 25th of April . It will be interesting to see what other awesome projects they work on next.

The people behind this project are setting a great example for others in the field of architecture to take their designs (and their field in general) to the next level. The Shanghai World Expo back in 2010 really paved the way for other architects to think outside the box in China, and it seems that many creative minds have stepped up to the challenge.

In the past, many Chinese designers and architects have gathered their ideas from different parts of the world (note the number of copied European towns and cities that dot China’s heavily populated eastern seaboard), but today they are encouraged to innovate and turn their unique ideas into reality. China wants to show the world that they are not only famous for the Great Wall of China and that new architectural wonders are emerging from young and talented individuals.


upside down house

The China that we see today is much different than the China we will see tomorrow or the one we saw yesterday. I have many expat friends that have been living in China for more than a decade, and when I recently visited them they told me that Shanghai has grown ten-fold during that time. It is just incredible to see the infrastructure, the high speed trains, and the urban development that China’s major cities have undergone in such a short period of time.

The changes are evident when you travel just 30 minutes out of the city by train. You see the China that has developed and the China that is developing – what Beijing and Shanghai looked like a short decade ago. Many people have gotten rich in china very quickly, and as a result the need for architects in China has increased rapidly over the years both in the household and business sectors. We look forward to seeing what gems China will bring us next.