Did These Stars Have Plastic Surgery to Hide Their Ethnic Roots?

Renee Zellweger is just the latest in a long list of celebs rumored to have switched up their ethnic identities in the name of fame. Here’s the DL on seven stars playing ethnic cut-and-paste…

Renee Zellweger

Since that appearance at the Elle Awards, everyone’s been talking about Renee Zellweger’s new look. The ‘Bridget Jones’ star, known for her rosebud lips and plump cheeks, arrived at the awards show looking almost unrecognisable. A smooth forehead, wrinkle-free complexion, and changes to the brow line were just a few of the instant telltale signs hinting strongly at a (misguided?) bid to chop a few years off the 45 year olds’ age. But a closer look at Renee’s possible ‘alterations’ show she may have been bidding for another sort of identity change – that of her ethnicity.

The Texas-born actress has Scandinavian roots. Her father was Swiss, while her mother was born in Norway, and also has Swedish and Finnish roots. The actress is also said to have a strong Sami heritage, (an indigenous people living in Norway, Finland, and Sweden).



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It all makes for an usual mix – and a distinctive look which has served Renee well in her movie career – until now! Her alleged eyelift transforms her features into a more standard Hollywood ‘North European’ look, eradicating the uniqueness of her eye folds, and slightly Eastern appearance. Experts have suggested that the actress has undergone a blepharoplasty to remove eyelid skin (euwww) for a wider-eyed appearance. So it’s bye bye Bridget, and hello to another cookie-cut Hollywood stereotype!