Dog Hits The Waves And Earns Woofself A Title

The Lowes Coronado Bay Resort Surf Dog Competition takes sport and ‘man’s best friend’ to a whole new level.  All sorts of dogs in different shapes and sizes take part in the fun and compete against each other to see who can take the longest wave and stay on the board. This contest is fun and interactive for both owner and dog who compete together for the title. 

Fifty dogs usually take part in the competition, and they compete in different heats in one minute intervals in three different categories: small dogs, big dogs, and tandem dogs. The judges look for confidence in our furry friends, how long they can stay on the board, and, most importantly, what the dogs are wearing.

The dog that holds the title until today is U.S. born Australian Kelpie, Abbie Girl. Coming in as the ‘underdog’ this year because her owner was slightly injured, Abbie Girl still managed to hold her title and stay on the board for more than 107 


Owner Michael Uy is very proud of his teammate and how she handled the waves. Despite her second place showing in the recent competition, Abbie still holds the world title, and she is now famous and an inspiration to other dogs to compete in this unique event.

Both Abbie and Michael enjoyed a special treat after the event. They were pampered at the Coronado Bay Resort for a few days, where they were able to put up their paws, and Abbie received a generous supply of Doggie treats. 

So, for all you surfers out there, don’t forget to bring your four-legged furry pal with you the next time you hit the waves, and see what kind of tricks the two of you can come up with. Better yet, take part in the competition and see whether you can break Abbie Girl’s record.