Duck Tales

We’ve come across a couple of (unrelated) rubber duck stories recently, and we thought we would share them with you. The first has to do with the largest rubber duck collection we have ever heard of.

Charlotte Lee, from Freemont, Seattle, USA, is a dedicated “duck hunter,”  who today holds the title for having the largest collection of different rubber ducks in the world. As far as we know the exact number today exceeds 5,631 rubber duckies. 

Charlotte has been collecting ducks since 1996, but she says that today it is much harder to find new ducks worthy of her collection, as she is much more selective in her rubber duck hunting routine. 

It all started with a few of her friends buying her some ducks to compliment the ones she had at home, which then sparked her passion for collecting these cute little creatures.

In the beginning, her husband was reluctant to accommodate her quirky passion and hated the idea of having rubber ducks all over the place. But his opinion quickly changed, and a great partnership was formed. Charlotte and her husband now operate as a team in the hunt for these ducks.

Charlotte’s ducks come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them are really tiny, while a few of them are big enough to ride. Others have eyes that bulge out at you when you squeeze them and freak you out. These precious contributions to the household are stored in her basement, where Charlotte’s husband kindly volunteered to build shelving units to house the ducks. 

It seems like Charlotte isn’t the only one who caught onto this craze. There are people and movements in Canada, the United States, Japan, China, Singapore, and Australia that go in search of these cute little creatures, and what’s best about this hobby is that it’s duck hunting season all year long! 


The second story has to do not with many rubber ducks but with one very, very large one.

This rubber duck won’t fit in your bathtub (or, most likely, your house), but it will catch your attention as well as that of anyone or anything that drives or flies by it. This inflatable duck is 16 meters high and is currently touring the world. It has been to Hong Kong, Sydney, Osaka, and Auckland so far, and although the next location is supposed to be a secret, some people suspect it to be a city in the United States.

The duck was designed by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman and is designed to bring out the true spirit in people and put a smile on peoples’ faces. During transportation, the duck is deflated and is then inflated again on location using a generator. 


Hofman claims that his duck “knows no frontier and can relieve people’s tension.” He designed the Duck because he wanted to bring people back to their childhoods and bring that spark back to our everyday lives. At the end of the day we all have a common goal, and this duck brings us all together despite divisions in our society. 

Despite the duck’s lack of political connotations, vandals in the Netherlands deliberately tore giant holes in it in an attempt to take it down. But Hofman ensures that the show will “Quack On” and is prepared for such scenarios. 

Hofman is constantly planning the next journey for the duck and trying to obtain the required permits from the relevant municipalities. Let’s hope that we see more of “Duckzilla,” as well as thousands of people around the world coming together and sharing the happiness with their friends and families.