For the Lohans, Therapy is not a Game – It’s a Game Show

Have you ever thought that Lindsay Lohan and her family desperately needed therapy? We have! And we mean that in the ‘please, get your life together, you’re beautiful and talented and have so much to offer,’ kind of way, not the mean spirited ‘you’re a train wreck and we want to rub it in your face kind of way.’ Being a child star puts incredible pressure on kids, teens, and tweens while simultaneously creating a distorted world view filled with immediate gratification, insanely high expectations, and power to rival that of a child monarch.

So, therapy would probably be a good idea, and family therapy an even better one, right? Well, the Lohans have a different idea: Let’s take all of those drawbacks of fame, shake them up in a bottle, call it therapy, and let it blow up in our faces. Yup, the Lohan family is turning family therapy into a show (ding, ding, ding – I’ll take Useless Stints in Rehab for $500, Alex). Okay, fine, they’re not really turning it into a game show – they’re turning it into a reality show. I think that might be worse.

It’s Dr. Phill meets Survivor in a three week therapy intensive that is bringing together Lohan’s divorced parents and her three siblings. Lohan’s mother, Dina, has accused her ex-husband, Lohan’s father, of abusing her and being the cause of Lindsey Lohan’s alcoholism. The show, a spinoff of Couples Therapy, will be called Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn, and it will premiere next year.

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