Hot Girls Doing Stupid Things

Hot girls are known for being….well, hot. But sometimes they can be caught doing some really stupid things. Luckily, no one really cares because, well, hey, they’re hot. Take a look at these next 20 pics and see for yourself how entertaining it is to see good looking girls engaging in ridiculous behavior. Hey, beauty and brains ain’t so easy to come by, okay?

Oops, There She is!

“Oh, there’s my vagina, I thought I lost it!” One could only imagine how many alcoholic beverages this young woman imbibed  before taking this pic. It may seem ridiculous, but apparently, illicit substances can cause some people to worry that their most important body parts can suddenly disappeardissapear. Fortunately for this woman, all seems to have been left right where it belongs.

Oops, There She is!