Hubby Caught Registering Child Under Wrong Wife’s Name

A Saudi man was recently caught trying to register one wife’s baby under his other wife’s name. (Yes, you read that correctly, there is no mistake).

I always expected polygamy would generate excellent fodder for late night comedians or soap opera writers, possibly both. It seems that there should exist a special kind of award for dunces of this caliber. It certainly doesn’t seem like the kind of thing one could fix by bringing one’s wife (or wives) chocolates or roses, at any rate. (Not that I am advocating such shallow attempts to wash away relationship problems, mind).

So here is how this unfortunate (but rather funny) story unfolded. The man in question married a woman, a non-Saudi national. He did so without jumping through the requisite bureaucratic hoops to grant her any rights (limited as they may be for women) in the country. This was Wife #1, and everything was hunky dory – well, relatively so, anyway.

A number of years later, the man took a second wife. (Yup, you can smell the discontent too, can’t you?) It is a simple story of boy meets girl, marries girl, then sees her face. (I’m joking, I’m joking, don’t throw rotten tomatoes at me). Of course, this is where trouble started brewing.

As a result of not obtaining legal status in Saudi Arabia for Wife #1, the hapless hubby couldn’t register their child listing her as the true birth mother. What did he do? Well, simple. When Wife #1 went labor, he snuck her into the hospital using Wife #2’s identity card. (Turns out niqab’s are quite useful after all). It sounds like a classic episode of I Love Lucy, I know, but I assure you this story is nonfiction.


baby 3


Well, the diaper hit the fan when Wife #2 found out, and she’s now petitioning the courts to grant her a divorce, imprison Wife #1 for impersonating her, fine the hospital for its laxity in verifying identities, and force hubby to cough up $80,000 in damages. (I wonder if she suspects that her marriage was indeed a sham in order to secure a cover for any children that might come into the world due to Marriage #1). Okay, that part of the story really is not funny at all.

Still, the Dummy Award goes to our Harebrained Hubby of the Day.