I Dreamed That He Cheated on Me! Subconscious Activity Can Ruin Your Relationship, Don’t Let it!

Many women are unaware of a hidden danger in their relationship: their subconscious activity. Women search for faults in men by analyzing their time together and looking at the way that the men in their life make them feel. However, it turns out that one of the biggest indicators of marital or relationship discord can take place through subconscious activity while women are dreaming!

One woman in North London found this fact out the hard way. Nicole told us her harrowing story. It all began one morning when Nicole’s husband, Chris, was watering the plants outside. He hated to take care of Nicole’s flowers but he was doing it this morning because she had a big meeting at the school where she worked as a teacher. Chris was watering the flowers when Nicole stormed outside and demanded that they talk. Chris was a bit taken aback but obliged.

Instead of talking rationally and calmly, Nicole started screaming and hurling curse words at Chris. She told him that had been cheating on her and that she was leaving him. Chris put down the watering can and tried to explain to Nicole that he wasn’t seeing anyone and had never cheated on her. He was committed to their marriage and happy in their marriage. Nicole exploded further and said that he was lying and she would get a lawyer after work.

Chris once again tried to explain to an impatient and volatile Nicole that this was simply not true. He said he loved her over and over again. He even brought up their vows. Nicole vehemently denied the truth and kept saying that he had cheated. Then she started describing when he had cheated in full detail. Thankfully, Chris was able to point out that what she was describing had never happened and walk her through the situation. Once Nicole realized that the incident was not real and was a figment of her imagination in a dream she had while sleeping…the two went to visit a doctor.

The truth is that subconscious activity can ruin your relationship. Sadly, this can be the case for many couples when the situation is not reversed as it was with Nicole and Chris. The best way to combat this problem is to make sure that each night before you go to bed, that you think of happy thoughts about your partner and that each morning, you try to remember your dreams and make sure that they were positive. Holding negative thoughts about your relationship when you do not even know that they are there is extremely toxic and damaging to the relationship.


What do you think of this experience? Have you ever subconsciously thought poorly of your partner and ended up ruining your relationship because of it? Are you now worried about this possibly happening in your life? Do you think it happens to men as well? Weigh in down in the comments.