Justin Bieber Extradition to Argentina for Assault

Once again Justin Bieber is in the spotlight, and unfortunately it is not for something positive. Judge Alberto Julio Banos issued an arrest warrant for the celebrity in connection to a 2013 assault. The warrant calls for the immediate detention of the singer and two of his bodyguards after their failure to respond to a summons connected to the case.

Bieber and his associates were said to have been notified in November that he had 60 days to make an appearance in an Argentinian court or face extradition. Yet, the singer never returned to Argentina to answer questions about the supposed attack.

It is alleged that Bieber sent bodyguards Hugo Alcides Hesny and Terrence Reche Smalls to attack photographer Diego Pesoa outside a Buenos Aires nightclub.  A video surfaced in 2013 apparently showing the attack.

Pesoa’s attorney Matias Morla commented to Argentinian station Telefe Noticias, “Now we just need to wait for the police to find him and bring him [to Argentina]. For us, this is a triumph against all those who said this case was a bluff and that we didn’t have anything.”

Bieber could face anywhere from one month to six years in prison under Argentine law if he is convicted on the charge of causing bodily harm. However, The Inquisitor points out that “the warrant appears to apply only in Argentina.” Meaning that Bieber would have to be in the country in order to be arrested. So it is likely that nothing will come of this for now.


There is talk that Judge Banos has contacted Interpol, the world’s largest police organization. Should Interpol choose to get involved in the matter, they could issue a Red Notice which would mean that the organization can seek Bieber out for extradition. Though the chances of this occurring seem quite slim at the moment.

Of course, Bieber fans around the world are hoping the star doesn’t have to face any punishment for the alleged incident. Especially since in recent months he has been trying to end his reputation and alter his negative behavior.

At the end of his Comedy Central roast the star said that he was looking forward to being someone who people could be proud of. Here is to hoping that the matter gets resolved and that Bieber continues to have the opportunity to prove to fans and naysayers alike that he is capable of behaving nobly.

A spokesperson for Justin Bieber could not be reached for comment on the matter.