Luxury Rehab for the Rich and Famous

Overcoming addiction is not an easy feat, nor is it inexpensive. In this matter we have a lot in common with famous celebrities. We are both human and it is very difficult to kick an addiction.

However, that is where the similarity ends. If you have enough money than you can also battle your addiction in the luxury you’ve grown accustomed to. Here is a list of the most expensive rehab centers in the world. Are they the best solution to achieving sobriety?


Promises is a rehab facility located in an estate in Malibu, California which overlooks the Pacific Ocean. The rehab center is a favorite destination among celebrities who want to get clean.

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Established in 1997, Promises offers a private haven for its clients, since only 24 patients are admitted at a time. Clients stay in one of three luxurious houses and are treated to gourmet meals, given lots of time in the gym, as well as offered a chance to engage in several different activities.

A month long stay will set you back $33,000 to $49,000 depending on the services required. The list of past celebrities who have visited the rehab is quite impressive including Tara Reid, Diana Ross, Ben Affleck and Robert Downey Jr.