Meet Amou Haji – The World’s Dirtiest Man

Amou Haji an Iranian hasn’t bathed in the last 80 years. As astounding as it sounds for all of us, this 80 year old believes that cleanliness causes him illness and that has been the sole reason for him not bathing in the last 80 years. Amou Haji lives in total isolation in Dejgah, in the southern Iranian province of Fars.

Amou Haji loathes the idea of washing himself with soap and water so much that he himself now appears to look like a rock statue as his skin color resembles that of the color of earth. However don’t let his appearance deceit you, Haji is still on the lookout for love. Yes you heard me. The saying goes that Amou Haji in his teens suffered a heart break or some sort of emotional setback causing him to move to the wild. However, today even after six decades Haji lives in the hope of finding his love interest.

Believe it or not but the last time that Amou Haji had any contact with water was in the year 1954.

He claims that once some group of young men forcibly tried to give him a bath but he managed to escape and run away before any water touched his skin. Haji’s skin color is the same of that of the earth , blending away into his surroundings.

It is not only bathing that Amou hates. He totally dislikes the idea of consuming fresh food and drinking clean water that rotten porcupine meat has turned into his staple meal. He drinks 5 liters of water from a large rusted oil can instead on a daily basis to stay fit and healthy. Amou fills his smoke pipe with animal feces for a smoke instead of the usual tobacco. Occasionally to groom himself, he trims his bear over a flame. An old war helmet keeps his head warm during the winter.

Despite his filthy habits, Amou has managed to survive life in the wild and his longevity of life is far greater than those with much more luxuries and comfort. Not just in terms of length but also in regards to the quality of life, Haji’s days are filled with smiles and constant laughter. He does not give a damn about the world and what others think, so he has nothing in real to lose or fear from.

Amou has no home but lives in a hole in the ground quite similar to graves. Sometimes he sleeps in an open brick shack that the villagers have prepared for him out of sympathy.

Amou Haji has derived his name from the locals living in the village. Amou is the Farsi term for endearment for a kind old man.

Haji’s way of living is rare and unique and now makes us ponder of our constant wants and demands. Amou Haji has managed to set a new record with his offbeat lifestyle and beat the 66 year old Indian man Kailash Singh who also detested bathing.