Meet Luhu: the Saddest Cat in the World

The phenomena with cute cats is back and it’s bigger than ever before. Luhu, a cat from Beijing, is quickly stealing hearts of animal lovers everywhere with her sad, tearful look. In fact, Luhu is being proclaimed the “saddest cat in the world” by Internet users everywhere.

Take one look at Luhu and you will understand what we are talking about. Luhu has two cat brothers in her home in Beijing with owner Maggie Liu. Maggie says that Luhu is a very happy cat and active at home, running around and playing with her brothers. Despite her inner happy spirit, Luhu has one of the saddest faces we have ever seen.

When you look at Luhu, the first thing that you notice is her tearful large green eyes. They have a filmy, watery look that make it look as though she is doing her best to hold back tears. When she looks at you, you feel as though she is contemplating suicide, the war in the Middle East, or world hunger.

The next thing that hits you with sadness while looking at Luhu are the way that her ears droop. No matter what Luhu is doing, her ears fall downwards. What sometimes looks angry and hostile on other cats, looks nothing but sad on Luhu when combined with her watery pitiful green eyes.

When Luhu is shown lying around the home, she has her head slightly lifted but in a way that looks as though it hurts. This only adds to the misery of the cat. The ever-present frown of the cat’s mouth also contributes to her miserable look. Rest assured, Luhu is happy and healthy inside according to veterinarians and her owner.

In fact, Luhu is helping her owner, Maggie Liu, reach Internet fame as well since Luhu’s personal Instagram account has amassed more than 45,000 followers. The instagram account is under the user name “LANLAN731” and we recommend that all of our readers check it out and subscribe. Who wouldn’t want to look at the most adorable sad cat in the world?