Top 3 Sexist CEOs in the Tech World

#2 Evan Spiegel – CEO of Snapchat

Well, Spiegel didn’t seem to mind that 200,000 private pictures from Snapchat were leaked this weekend, even if some of them showed minors in compromising situations. Surely, then, he doesn’t mind that someone leaked some of his incredibly sexist, offensive, and juvenile remarks about women from his college days.



Comments that he made about peeing on women, getting young women drunk enough to have sex with his friends, and numerous other obscene comments made through email were recently leaked to a number of media outlets. Unfortunately, these comments don’t seem to be at all out of character for Spiegel, a man who tricked his friends and fraternity brothers out of the $800 million dollar idea that became Snapchat, lied about images on Snapchat being deleted after a few seconds when the app hit its first wave of success, and completely brushed off concerns regarding the recent data leak of images shared on Snapchat – which he blames on third party software installed by the victimized users. What a mensch.