Mohawk Mania

Mohawks have been around in some parts of the world for millennia, a fact that became evident by the discovery of a 2000-year-old bog down, caveman like body in Dublin in 2003. The mohawk hairstyle was incredibly molded, using pine oil and plant resin to keep it in place. It’s amazing how far back hairstyling goes.

Many people from around the world have adopted this hairstyle. Some people find it fascinating, others are less attracted to it.  The mohawk is created by shaving the side of one’s head and leaving a strip of noticeably long hair in the center. After the cut is completed, some people choose to gel it up for everyone to see. 

One individual who famously sports a mohawk is Japanese born Kazuhiro Watanabe, who carries the world title for the tallest mohawk, which stands at 44.86 inches high.


Kazuhiro explains that it takes three cans of hairspray, one large bottle of hair gel, and about 15 years to achieve the world title. Furthermore, he goes on to say that his children have never seen him with his Mohawk up, except in pictures. His daughter, though, wants to steal the title away from her popular father and says that one day she will sport the tallest mohawk.

A lot of people, however, seem to associate those who choose to wear mohawks as belonging to criminal organizations. However, the mohawk is simply part of a growing trend and represents nothing more than a fashion statement. Among the trend’s adherents are talented intellectuals that hold professional positions in science and academia.

If we all stop stigmatizing people for who they are and how they dress, we can live in a better place and set good examples for our children. Take Kazuhiro Watanabe, for example. He is a renowned Japanese fashion designer and responsible for setting many trends of his own.