Mother Monster, May I Have Some More?

More Lady Gaga, that is.

Sporting diamond pasties, a band-aid, heels, and a black veil made for her by Alexander McQueen the day before he died (and very little else), Lady Gaga was dressed to impress as the homicidal hotelier at the (thankfully) fictional Hotel Cortez. Hotel is the fifth installment in the hit series American Horror Story, and sources say that Lady Gaga was thrilled at the prospect at bringing some gore to her glamour. The blood thirsty matron in this soon-to-be hit is sure to be a character that will make entertainment and pop culture history.

Gaga’s character also happens to be a countess, and it seems there will be no shortage of intrigue, addiction, and ardor. Oh, and blood-sucking. Though Lady Gaga is engaged to Taylor Kinney (star of Chicago Fire) off-screen, her acting debut will feature Matt Bomer as her lover and Finn Wittrock as an added love interest. Oh, and plenty of blood and gore, of course.

Gaga says that she always wanted to be an actress but that she would clam up during auditions. Not to fear however, this once shy ugly duckling has more than bloomed and reports of her performance guarantee a thrill.

So, all those in favor of blood, gore, and guts, say I… cannot wait to see Lady Gaga in a new element.