There’s No Rehab for THESE Celebrity Addictions

Lindsay Lohan stepped onto the big screen and became a huge child star with her role in The Parent Trap back in the 1990’s. She continued to stay in the spotlight, acting in other great films, including Freaky Friday and Georgia Rule, throughout her teenage years. Like many other celebrities that have been put under a great deal of pressure by Hollywood, Lindsay Lohan started to get into some bad habits, including drugs. She was addicted to crack cocaine when she started hanging out with Riley Giles. It was Giles who blatantly said that Lindsay Lohan was a sex addict. Lohan met Giles while she was in a rehab program and they began dating shortly afterwards.

LL Hiding Face



Giles has stated on many occasions that Lindsay was very demanding when it came to sex. She would insist on having intercourse multiple times in a row throughout the day, and then wanted to continue throughout the night. Giles also stated that Lindsay would use sex as a replacement for cocaine and alcohol. As she came down from the highs induced by the drugs and alcohol, sex became her new high and she craved it over and over again. After she and Riley Giles split up, Lindsay developed a reputation for engaging in sex with random men and blamed it on an addictive personality. Today, Lindsay is working to get her life back in order and to become a role model for everyone who is battling or has battled an addiction in their life.