The Most Embarrassing Photos You Wish You Never Saw

We’re in the 21st Century people! We’re a part of an age ruled by technology. Moving into a revolution of great scientific advancements such as self-driving cars, augmented reality and commercial space travel.

We, as a species have already embarked on a journey of self-development and massive growth. We’ve made ground breaking discoveries, invented marvelous everyday gadgets and plenty more.

But somehow along on the way we also managed to harbour an overwhelming amount freaks and weirdos. And so, for your enjoyment here’s a compilation of 17 photos that should never have happened.

What Would Jesus Do?

 Jesus Christ, that right there is messed up. I’m sure her parents must be so proud of her. I wonder what they might have said when she came home the day with her chest all wrapped in cellophane. I bet she received a damn good smack for that! And if she didn’t, some people need to get their parenting act together! No wonder she was so rebellious to even consider getting it in the first place. I mean, it’s a human centipede… On her chest… Forever. Really? Not only has she blown her chances finding a serious relationship any time soon, but she’s picked a truly terrible movie to do it with. But at least she seems happy about it. Freak…

 What Would Jesus Do?