You Won’t Believe Where These People Pierced Themselves!


Set aside fancy clothes, elegant headpieces, killer shoes, and all removable accessories. Now you are left with a bare, simple, skin-adorned body. While for many people this is the epitome of beauty, for others it is just a dull, boring sight. And since adorning has always been one of people’s best loved hobbies, it didn’t take them long to come up with ornaments that not only covered the body, but went straight through it. This is how body piercing was born.

There is no clear evidence on how and why body piercing began. However, logical reasoning can give us an answer. Probably, people started wearing embellishments on their bodies – hung on their earlobes; around their neck; and on their head, hands wrists and fingers. However, most of these ornaments were quite uncomfortable, as they would fall off at any sudden movement. So, one day some ancient guy came up with the idea to drill a hole in his body and hang the jewel through it. This way, it wouldn’t fall off anymore. Perhaps at first people thought he was crazy, but, like any crazy idea, its popularity increased quickly and the trend he set spread throughout the world.

peircing (5)

It all started thousands of years ago – as ancient mummies testify – and though the practice had its ups and downs throughout history, it eventually won the fight with time. Piercing is now one of the most popular methods of embellishing the body, more popular even than tattooing. 

Most people who choose to get pierced wear a pair or two of earrings. Others, however, have gone to extremes and put hundreds or thousands of beads all over their bodies. What makes them go this far? What religion or life philosophy can resolve an individual to making irreparable holes in their body? And how do they do it and what risks do they face?